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Disambig.png This article is about the Elex resource. For the ELEX game, see ELEX.

Elex is one of the Resources in ELEX. When consumed, Elex suppresses human emotions and permits the user to use pure logic in their decision-making. Each faction has different customs and laws regarding the consumption of Elex. While the Berserkers and Clerics oppose consumption (the former using it to produce Mana, the latter outright banning it), the Albs consume it as a part of their culture. It has become so entrenched in all societies on Magalan that shards of this substance are used as currency.

Elex was originally formed as a result of the meteor striking the world, Magalan.

Sustained usage of Elex can be addictive, with the possibility for withdrawals when not accessible. Consuming pure Elex can make people stronger, allow them to think more clearly and free themselves of their emotions. It can also degenerate them into mutants.

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