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"Mission Report"
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Koray's Report - A Cleric's mission in Edan.
Mission item
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Mission Report is one of the documents found scattered throughout the world of Magalan. It is a post-Great Fall mission report created by a Cleric named Koray. Reading it provides 20 XP.

Location[edit | edit source]

Found in the Machine Shop ruin within which the Small Camp and its Teleporter are located on the body of a deceased Cleric, likely Koray. If you are following Duras at the beginning of the game, you will be given the option of exploring the ruin with him to check on the Clerics who were last seen there.

Message[edit | edit source]

Edan Field Report

16 05 160: Departed the Hort for Edan

We are tasked with spreading the faith to this land and are to probe enemy defenses and gain a clearer idea of the population here.

25 05 160:

Our journey to Edan was difficult and long, but we have passed through the forest border at last. There are creatures here that I haven't seen in Ignadon and they have made our journey dangerous even before encountering the local population.

27 05 160:

We came across some forest people but they did not want to listen to our teachings. They threatened us and so we withdrew.

My brothers and I held an especially long prayer this evening to increase morale.

May Calaan hear our voices.

29 05 160:

This is a strange land that appears to have a religion of its own. A primal ancient worship of trees.

~ Koray's Field Report

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is the first example of a dating system in Magalan; likely Day Month Year with the year of 160 representing how long it's been since the Great Fall.

Gallery[edit | edit source]