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"Mission Report"
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Koray's Report - A Cleric's mission in Edan.
Mission item
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Mission Report is one of the mission items in ELEX. Reading it provides 20 XP.

Edan Field Report

16 05 160: Departed the Hort for Edan
We were tasked with spreading the faith to this land and are to probe enemy defenses and gain a clearer idea of the population here.
25 05 160:
Our journey to Edan was difficult and long, but we have passed through the forest border at last. There are creatures here that I haven't seen in Ignadon and they have made our journey dangerous even before encountering the local population.
27 05 160:
We came across some forest people but they did not want to listen to our teachings. They threatened us and so we withdrew.
My brothers and I held an especially long prayer this evening to increase morale.
May Calaan hear our voices.
29 05 160:
This is a strange land that appears to have a religion of its own. A primal ancient worship of trees.

~ content of the report

Location[edit | edit source]

  • It is found with the body of one of the five dead Clerics in the ruins by the Small Camp teleporter.

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