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the Domed City
200 XP
230 Icon Elexit.png
Government Affairs

Vacancy is one of the sub-missions in the Abessa mission "Government Affairs" in ELEX.

Vivian needs capable technicians. She has three people in mind for the job: Rorik, Nyra and Darrell. I am to scrutinize these three and make a recommendation to her about which of them is best suited for the job.
Rorik isn't sure he has the technical experience the Clerics need.
Rorik doesn't have a problem working with the Clerics.
Rorik has had trouble taking orders from above. He isn't the best at reading and writing.
Rorik has a real enthusiasm for technology, though there could be more experienced options than him.
Nyra will only work for the Clerics if she is paid in advance.
Nyra has a high degree of technological knowledge. It's hard to imagine finding a better technical candidate than her in the Domed City. But there is the question of her loyalty.
Nyra thinks the Clerics do good work but their logic is not flawless. She would rather see the city under the control of the Albs.
I didn't pay Nyra an advance. She will not work for the Clerics as a Technician.
Darrell wants the job at any price and he's not afraid to say it. He is prepared to pay me handsomely if I tell Vivian to select him.
Darrell doesn't know anything about technology, but he claims to be a quick learner.

~ in-game description

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